Drabble challenge: Fallen Lollipop: Recession Blues in b minor

Patti Abbott issued a drabble challenge so I recycled an old drabble to fit her parameters. I may try to write another one but for now…

Bishop looked over at Ivy. Her nerves were getting the better of her. She crunched a lollipop. He smiled and wished his life would be long enough to always remember this moment. Bullhorn shouts outside the church interrupted. Red and blue disco lights.

Ivy looked at him. The cancer had taken its toll since the insurance ran out and they couldn’t afford the enzyme treatment anymore. She never loved him more.

Nodded. Burst through the door. Plastic guns held high. Yelling.

Lollipop falls.

The light leaving Bishop’s eyes danced with the light of the police cars then left for good.

As per usual when I do something like this you should feel free to mock me.

Author: Brian Lindenmuth

Former non-fiction of Spinetingler Magazine and fiction editor at Snubnose Press. Long time reviewer.

5 thoughts on “Drabble challenge: Fallen Lollipop: Recession Blues in b minor”

  1. Very nice. I think the form somewhat militates against taking it too seriously, but when it works, it works. As it did here.

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