About that Savages ending & why I think there will be a third book

This post is written for those that have seen the movie and read both books so there be spoilers ahead.

My old friend Nerd of Noir wrote a review of Savages over at the Crimespree blog. Amid the over all praise he had a few choice words about the ending.

I was one hundred percent on board with the film all the way…and then the bucket of ice-cold piss that is the film’s cheat ending was thrown on me, killing my buzz something terrible.

After reading the review I sent him an email. Much of it is below.


Let me say up front that I agree with Nerd about the ending ending. Like it was designed to give viewers the sense of a happy ending using a cheap (cheat?) technique.

After watching the movie I was having a hard time remembering some of the differences between the book and the film so I went back and read the ending of the Savages.

Found some very interesting things too.

The crappy ending ending is right there on the page for the most part. They all get the morphine shots, Ben starts whispering to O about how she would have loved “Indo” and telling her all about it. Then the final chapter is her imagining being there and then you get that “beautiful savages” line.

(plus, before that, there’s no Dennis killing himself, and Elena turning on Lado for being a snitch)

Notice I said things above.

After reading The Kings of Cool, watching the movie, and doing a skim of the book I think the possibility is there for a third book. Here’s the skeleton of the agrument:

1) The prequel shows how Chon and O got together but NOT Ben and O.
2) The books don’t really show how Ben and Chon got together.
3) The ending of Savages (book) never really states that they die. It just walks up to the line and implies it. (Ben’s injury is vague and Chon says he will die, O has an arm injury, and Chon’s has a “wounded shoulder”)

Author: Brian Lindenmuth

Former non-fiction of Spinetingler Magazine and fiction editor at Snubnose Press. Long time reviewer.

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