What is a novella if I don’t know the word count?

Normally the criteria for a novella is determined by word count, which is fine. But it isn’t very helpful for someone trying to pull together nominees for a novella category because that information isn’t readily available. So a new criteria is needed based on info that IS readily available. Two that I have easy access to are page count (actual or estimated) and file size. And if that is what I have to work with then I have to come up with my own parameters that I’m comfortable with.


Fast Five

A really solid and enjoyable modern action movie. Great opening action sequence that leads into a grand heist story filled with outlaws to root for. Just about everything you could ask for in an action movie. All of the leads have great chemistry, the objectives are clear. As great as it is when the band gets back together you cheer like hell when The Rock joins the band to go after the bad guys.

Seriously, go love this movie.

Bullet to the Head

The reason to see this was because Walter Hill directed it. And even he couldn’t save it. What a terrible movie. As an action movie it fell short. As a buddy movie it fell short. It had potential but squandered it with overly complicated story arcs and too many characters and unclear objectives. The two leads had zero chemistry, which is an essential ingredient to a buddy movie.

Nasty Boys

Went to the used book store the other day with the daughter and bought this.


I grabbed it because of the dated cover and because it looked like it could be a fun crime fiction book. Two things.

The first is that the first page tells about the characters. You don’t see that too often in crime fiction books so that’s kind of cool.


The second is that this was a TV show. I have no memory of this show at all. Does anyone remember this show?

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