A short story my son wrote

Over the weekend I was cleaning the desk off and going through a bunch of papers. I found this story that the boy wrote. I was greatly amused so I decided to share. Give it a read and leave him a comment if you’d like.


I heard loud booming sounds in the field from a distance, I was too scared but curious so I checked it out. I heard fast crunching against the creepy surface, there was a scream, a bang, and someone falling. I saw a shadow running away. I couldn’t make out the figure. I was frozen in fear. I didn’t know whether to chase him and forget about the police, or to run away safe and sound and call the police. While I was still frozen , not knowing what to do, the figure stopped, turned around, saw me, pointed a black dot at me.

Oh know. It was a pistol!

My reflexes made me run to the nearest bush, tree…or anything! A flash went right past me. Thank God I wasn’t hit. I ran into a taller and wider man with a top hat on and a long cloak.

Oh know. There were two of them!

He had a sniper on his back, a machine gun in his front pocket, two pistols in his side pockets, and a snubnose! I didn’t know what to do. So I quickly grabbed a pistol, punched him in the gut, shot him in the foot.

“Go! Whoever you are, please I don’t want to deal with this. Go!”

The cops somehow showed up, I was clueless. I dropped to the ground, fell on my knees.

“What have I done?”

So far the cops hadn’t seen me. I ran as fast as I could. Breathlessly I fumbled open the door. My hands were slippery from the blood. Once I got in I started sobbing. Mumbling to myself what have I done? I killed someone! Why? Who were they? Why were they here? What were they doing? Who have they killed?


WWE: CM Punk: Best in the World

What you learn from these docs is that when it comes to certain wrestlers (Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Heenan, Dusty Rhodes) you have to get out of there way and let them be themselves. The same is true about CM Punk. Whether that means he is a great remains to be seen because his style runs counter to what fans seem to want these days. Only time will tell. Since there isn’t decades of footage to work with this documentary has a much more personal feel to it then the others I’ve seen so far. Good stuff.

WWE: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

There is a certain safeness to these WWE documentaries, they don’t delve too deep and they want to maintain certain images as much as possible. But this one just doesn’t work at all and really isn’t fair to one of the greats. It was too short, to cutsey, repetitive. Heenan deserves better.