Is Hank’s storyline a commentary on crime fiction detectives?

Last night while watching Breaking Bad I was pondering the idea of Hank’s evolution as a commentary on crime fiction detectives.

We’ve seen him as a blunt instrument pounding his way to the answers (almost like a hardboiled kind of detective); we’ve seen him bed bound and more cerebral (think Ironsides or Lincoln Rhyme) after he had his his perceived masculinity stripped away; we’ve seen him in a Wire-esque mode trying to build the case piece by piece beause “all the pieces matter” (an old Wire saw); Up until last night he hadn’t left the house but was solving the case and having others bring him the info he needed (think armchair detectives like Nero Wolfe).



Where is ****? What happened to****?

What writers are you wondering what happened to, or has it been too long since their last book?

Here’s four to start:

-Angela Choi – wrote two brilliant dark novels but nothing in 2 years.

-Theo Gangi – Bang Bang came out 6 years ago. A sequel, Kiss Kiss, was talked about but never came out (Theo, Snubnose would be interested, just saying)

-Salvador Plascencia – Loved, loved, loved The People of Paper…in 2005. What’s next Sal?

-Allan Guthrie – I love Blasted Heath as much as everyone else does but his last novel was 2009! Too long Al, too long.

Who else should be added?