Poetry Spotlight: Magic City Gospel by Ashley M Jones

Magic City Gospel came to me from David Joy. He mentioned this volume, and some others in an interview he did, and I tried to track as many of them down as I could.

This was really good. There were moments and images that jumped out and grabbed my attention for any number of reasons.

Here’s a few lines that I wrote down:

“Why does she look out at us like we are this night–like we are something she will never quite touch”

“Those legs–shotguns waiting to be loaded up with bullet beats.”

“Remember how 16th Street shook,

symphony of fiery coughs

that turned our Birmingham to blood.”

“He spends his days

finding new places to hide–

in between book chapters, scraping ink;

at the end of a punchline;

on the lip of a carton of milk.”

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