Poetry Spotlight: Hard Love Province by Marilyn Chin

Hard Love Province 9_10.indd

Marilyn Chin is a Chinese American poet. Wiki tells me this is her fourth collection of poetry.



Black President

If a black man could be president

Could a white man be his slave?

Could a sinner enter heaven

By uttering his name?


If the terminator is my governor

Could a cowboy be my king?

When shall the cavalry enter Deadwood

And save my prince?


An exo-cannibal eats her enemies

Am indo-cannibal eats her friends

I’d rather starve myself silly

Than to make amends


Blood on the altar    Blood on the lamb

Blood on the chalice

Not symbolic    but fresh

Author: Brian Lindenmuth

Former non-fiction of Spinetingler Magazine and fiction editor at Snubnose Press. Long time reviewer.

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