“There is nary a crossroads or clearing in Cherokee County that hasn’t been watered by blood at time or another. As soon as the Tearful Trail emptied its diaspora into these woodlands, the Cherokees started erasing the slateboards with blood feuds and secret society assassinations. Bowie knives found jugular veins and musketeer ambuscades emptied saddles along deer trails. When the accounts finally settled, it was civil war time. Cherokee and Mvskoke and Missouri guerrilla and Texas cavalry and bound African shot and hacked and slashed and burnt against Kansas Jayhawker and union infantry and blue-uniformed freedmen. Stand Watie and his men were the last to leave the grey war path and the snow and rain comforted the traces of common graves and homesteads burnt to ashes.” — “The Long Rifle Season” by James Murray

Author: Brian Lindenmuth

Former non-fiction of Spinetingler Magazine and fiction editor at Snubnose Press. Long time reviewer.

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