What is Palomino Mugging?

What is Palomino Mugging?

First, it is intended to be a spiritual successor to Bill Crider’s blog, Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine. Bill’s blog was like a personalized RSS feed of interesting things, interspersed with reviews and other writings. That’s the approach I plan to take.

Second, I’ve written a lot of things at a lot of different places over the years. I hope to bring the bulk of my writings from over the years under one roof.

Related, I’ve had a large number of blogs, social media accounts, and Tumblrs. Some started on a whim, others with a very limited or specific focus. I plan on bringing all of those under one roof.

Third, I love social media but it doesn’t work well as a place holder or a book mark to remember something because it’s not easily searchable and older stuff can be hard to pull up. Things posted here should be easier to reference.

So, I will be using this space for my misc. thoughts; things I find that are interesting; music I like, whatever. In other words very much random stuff.

Palomino Mugging is a reference to something. Got a guess? Let me know.

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